Preparing for lambing 2018

Posted by Jayne Dryden on

Getting ready for lambing 

16th February and all the ewes are ready to come into the party tent (our lambing marquee) – however, one just couldn’t wait and we had a lovely surprise on Friday 16th morning at feeding time.  A very premature ram lamb, but big and doing very well.  She’s a fabulous mother, very protective, looking after him well with all the other curious ewes around her – but she’s now happily in her luxury room and being waited on hand and foot.

The party begins …

and shortly afterwards two sets of Black Lincoln Longwool twins arrive - just a few days early but this time we were ready for them.  Black Lincoln Longwools are a new addition to our farm - another 'at risk' rare breed.  


This lamb will be sheared at 15 months old - providing a wonderful heavy and full fleece.

The Lincoln Longwool raw fleece is available in our Flock Box in the raw fleece section of our on-line store.

The raw wool on shearing has been sent to Bradford, Yorkshire, for washing and onwards to Laxtons for spinning into more of our beautiful 4 ply.


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