Real Farm?

For 12 years we farmed 150 acres in the Cotswolds, England. Our Wensleydale flock of pedigree fine bred sheep - slaughter-free and kept for wool only. Everything about our farm was to ensure the highest standards of welfare were met, in order to produce the healthiest sheep and beautiful fleece.  This continues with all of the starter flocks that we have created.

Our wool is completely natural
Our wool is completely sustainable
Our wool will not pollute our oceans
Our wool is biodegradable




Real Sheep?

The majority of the Home Farm flock consisted of Wensleydales and let me tell you, there is a reason why Wensleydale’s are so rare! They are big, expensive to feed, and their fleece takes a great deal of maintenance. Avoiding the use of chemicals or pesticides, and being meticulous with the shearing.  Thanks to this, we are able to produce the finest and most valuable lustrous locks for washing and combing.

Real Wool?

We don’t commission or buy in breed specific ‘tops’ or fleece for spinning – we use our own and fleece from our starter flocks and this is because most commercially scoured ‘tops’ contain on average 60% of other ‘like fibres’ and this is usually why the product can be sold cheaply.

We have our sheep's fleece washed in its own batch, and have it spun and dyed in Yorkshire, again as a single batch. Taking the raw fleece through this process is by no means simple or inexpensive, but doing so means we know what we are producing is genuine.

Is there some feedback from your customers?

Yes - please see our FAQ's and take a look at this review in 'Knit Now' a well loved UK knitting magazine.  I had no idea that this review was taking place so I believe this is a true reflection of the quality of our wool.  You can see from the table at the bottom that Home Farm scored 100%!  

Our wool scored first place - higher than WYS (West Yorkshire Spinners), Erika Knight, Stylecraft, Fyberspates and Sublime.  Yay!!

Does it wash in a washing machine? 

Our wool is pure wool and so you must use the ‘wool wash’ setting on your washing machine.  

Wool garments will retain their shape because our wool is uniform fibres from the same breed - which will not shrink or distort.  Many blended wools have a mixed fibre base and each fibre wants to move in its own direction. 

Our wool is entirely untreated, we do not use any plastic (acrylic, poly-amide or superwash).

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes.  We are an online wool shop.  We regularly ship wool across Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, India and China. There is no mark-up on shipping, we only charge the fee of posting and a contribution towards using paper rather than plastic. 

Trade Discounts


Unfortunately we do not sell to Trade.   We only sell direct and online in order to give our customers the best price possible.  

Can everything be purchased online?

We try to list all of our products online, but we are happy to take requests to fulfil your special project.  So if you need something that isn’t on our website, do please get in touch.