It's lambing 2021 already

Posted by Jayne Dryden on

For an awful year, thankfully at Home Farm it seems to have gone quite quickly and we are already set up and waiting for our new lambs for the 2021 season.

Always making improvements both with the quality of our wool and the health and welfare of our sheep are what keeps us very busy at the farm.  Our lambs, born March 2020 are the best we have ever seen on our farm and although I always do say this, they really are!  

Our barn is full with pregnant ewes - 80 of them - and we hope to have a successful lambing season again this year - with the first of the lambs due tomorrow! 
The barn is warm and cosy, the ewes are looking very round and happily munching away on the fine hay and good food we provide.  Their beds are changed every day and the water is always cold and fresh.  Individual lambing pens are waiting for them and their new lambs as soon as they want!  Not a bad life.

I'm hoping the weather improves a little, then we can turn the new lambs out quicker.  We always keep some good pasture for the new lambs and never turn them out onto pasture where lambs have grazed the previous year.  This cuts down any disease and also gives them a lovely fresh field to graze.  

Hope to have time to make a new blog during lambing but I always update instagram if you would like to follow us  #homefarmwensleydales


pic below - some of our rams after working in 2020

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