Mid NOVEMBER already!!

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Here we are in November and I cannot believe where the year has gone!

Here at Home Farm Wensleydales our feet haven't touched the ground since lambing, it has been an exceptionally busy year and we would like to thank all of our customers for their ongoing support.  

Following a very successful lambing in March we have joined a Premium Flock Health Scheme and are currently undergoing blood screening tests to rule out MV (nasty disease) in our flock.  Last week our blood tests came back clear so we are absolutely delighted and now move on to the next stage.

A few of the whites on blood testing day.  The big lad in the middle (without a fringe) is our Wensleydale x Bluefaced Leicester wether - He is 3 and weighs 150 kg!!

Our tups are in.  Happy boys.  Small groups this year, having used a couple of Teaser rams first we hope to lamb a little quicker than normal and will post as soon when the party tent is busy.  

We sheared our lambs in August and I am delighted to say that we 'sold out' of lambs fleece within 3 weeks.  Amazing and thank you.

We are now sorting our longer locks - some beautiful fleeces coming up for sale.  The weather last year gave us amazing quality fleece but the heat took a couple of inches away from the extreme lengths.  Our fleeces are averaging 7-9 inches and, of course, we are delighted with the quality.  If you would like an entire fleece, please message me and I will get sorting!

Our wool is as popular as ever, especially the naturally coloured 4 ply.  This is pure Wensleydale - absolutely stunning.  It takes a long time to collect enough raw fleece from my flock of blacks and, of course I am always delighted with the quality and colours that these sheep produce.  

Products are not quite up to date on my website but we are working on this.  
Some gorgeous dyed lambs locks and some natural coloured Lincoln Longwool will be up for sale very soon along with exciting new crochet patterns and a few more knitting ideas.   

I'm off to Compton Verney craft fair for the rest of the weekend and hope to see many of you there.  
Best wishes as always - jx

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