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January 2024 Lovely colours and good quality strands.  S
December 23

Thrummed mittens.  This item is beautifully packed.  The yarn is absolutely gorgeous. 

I'm really looking forward to trying Thrumming! 

I will be buying yarn from this seller in future.  J.

September 23

Hand-spun chunky wool - this yarn is some of the best I have had on my needles. 

Its a joy to buy from this seller and I look forward very much to placing

my next order.  K.

September 23

Home Farm Top Sample Box - Very happy with the quality of the wool, tags

were included to explain which sheep it came from.  Nicely packaged and booklet

included about the company.  Will definitely be ordering from here again.  A

Ms Ducati
January 21

Hope you're well Jayne and you've some healthy and happy pregnant ewes in your flock.

Last night I finished knitting up the lovely hand-spun hand-dyed yarn that I bought. 

I have loaded pics and info onto Ravelry.  
This is the first pair of fingerless i've made myself!

Home Farm loves these!

Mr T

I thought you might like to see the finished product.  I knew this

multi-coloured wool wouldn't show a pattern

so to break the monotony I put in the cable and garter stitch on

shoulders and borders.
I'm really pleased how it's turned out.  The colours are gorgeous.

Home Farm loves this too!

Miss C, Germany
January 21
Your wool parcel arrived today!! So fast, thank you!!
I love the wool, it is so beautiful, the blue, the green, and it is lovely to work
with. And  I love the BFL Aran skein - so soft and I am looking forward
to knit or crochet with it, thank you very much for sending it.
Yes, crochet is beautiful and relaxing, I like knitting very much, too.
I will certainly send you a foto of my cardigan once it is finished.
Ms K
January 21
Many thanks for your email.  I was delighted to find your website - I was looking for wool
from a no-kill flock to make a present for a nearly vegan friend (who will wear wool providing
it's from a no-kill source).  And to find wool from Wensleydale sheep as well is an added bonus
- she's a Yorkshire lass by origin so the combination of no-kill and Wensleydale wool is perfect!
Miss N
Last email of 2020 
Just wanted to say thank you for sending out the lovely wool so promptly. It arrived yesterday
afternoon. I was so excited I just went ahead and got straight on with knitting it up.
Only a few hours later my son had a lovely warm hat! I've never knit anything so quickly
but I loved every minute of it!
The wool was a dream to knit with and made all the better for knowing the sheep who
produced it are kept so well, loved dearly and will never enter the food chain. You've made
a vegan knitter very happy! 😊🐑❤
Wishing you, yours and all your woolly ladies a happy and healthy New Year.
Ms J
December 20

I’ve just received my order, thank you for your prompt service, again. This will be my New Year’s

Day cast on, first project of 2021, and I’m sure I will be back for more of your lovely yarn.

Best wishes for the new year,

Miss V
December 20

Hello - please could you package my order in paper/cardboard only and no plastic. 

Just the yarn in a cardboard box or paper envelope will be great.

Home Farm Loves this - we always try to post in paper whenever possible!

Miss R
December 20

I'm so excited to find your website. I love knitting with real wool, but since I went vegan 3 years

ago I haven't bought any. It's so great to find a seller with welfare standards that  feel in line

with my ethos selling such lovely yarn x

Miss S

December 20


Just wanted to let you know that my parcel has just arrived. Such speedy service and so

beautifully packaged. Thank you.

December 20 - The Knitter


Miss C

December 20

I received the most beautiful yarn ever.  So soft..  I am totally in love with it.   The little dot of raw wool makes me smile.  Many thanks and a big hug for those generous sheep.

Miss R

November 2020

I was grateful for the sample you sent me a few weeks ago. This wool is for a different project but I appreciated your prompt reply to my original query, and also your story and your ethos.  
Whilst walking in Arran in September I took a photo of an area beside the sea and decided to use those colours for my next project. I have really enjoyed knitting with Wensleydale wool in the past, and your colours were just right for what I had in mind. I have attached the photo to this email.
I hope your business has not suffered too much in these difficult times.
November 20
Miss S
I hope you are doing ok and the latest lockdown hasn't been too difficult for your business.
I've been meaning to drop you an email for weeks now so firstly, apologies it has taken this long, but I wanted to say thank you very much for including the beautiful extra tops in my order. I'm really looking forward to testing that out in some weavings.
Miss I
November 20
Dear Jayne,
Many thanks for the beautiful yarn which arrived this morning. I couldn’t believe how quickly it came, what excellent service!
I had spent a long while looking for some special yarn which I am going to weave into a small blanket for a friend for Christmas. Your yarn is really lovely, and I chose it because  your animals are higher welfare. Do you ever sell it in larger quantities, maybe on a cone?
Just one comment, I was not so keen on the bag it came in, I really care about the environment and wondered if you could just wrap it in tissue? But I loved the Wensleydale locks, that was a lovely touch. I don’t mean to be critical after all your hard work, I would just prefer it in a more natural package!
I hope you are managing in these difficult times.

Miss R
November 20

Just to say that mum’s parcel turned up yesterday afternoon (that was quick) and she is delighted.  Loves the colour, the feel of the wool and can’t wait to get started.  So thank you for your help and unbelievable service.


Mrs G
November 20
Hi Jayne 
I received my order today, unbelievable service, thank you so much! Thank you also for the samples, much appreciated. I'll certainly recommend Home Farm to my fellow spinnies and will not hesitate to order from you again. This is the best service I've had and coming from a busy farm, I can only bow to your work ethic and efficiency! It's so lovely to have found somewhere that I can be sure the sheep are cared for. 
Miss R
November 20
Hi Jayne
My order arrived in todays post and is just what I wanted. Sending you a big and heartfelt thank you.
I needle felted a head over the weekend and tonight she will be getting green hair :)
I will post on Insta and tag you in if I can work out what to do!
I'll be back for more soon and have also passed your site on to my sister who is a big knitter.

Miss S, Italy

November 20

Grazie è arrivata è bellissima

Miss M, USA
October 20
Hello Jayne! Thank you so much for the gorgeous order PLUS freebies! The locks and BFL/Wensleydale blend are scrumptious 😍
I can’t wait to start a special project with the black lamb yarn—it’s very, very special xx
Happy Wovember ♥️
Mary Jo

Mrs J
November 20

I'm pleased to say that my project has been accepted for the  exhibition

born at St-Annes-on-Sea and grew up in Blackpool, so her natural habitat is the shoreline. Her forebears were Lancashire weavers, so she is rooted in a textile tradition. Other ancestral roots lie in sheep husbandry in the Yorkshire Dales. After a career in architectural design, research and education at University College London, weaves freestyle on a Japanese Saori loom and spins art yarns on her Ashford Joy wheel. Her creative practice combines conceptual and narrative elements with reflections on the natural world. 

Seaweave. All life comes from the sea. The strand is littered with seaweed uprooted by the tides, having lost their rocky holdfasts. Sea urchins ripped from the rocks are deposited as skeletons on the tideline. Using a repertoire of locks and tops sourced from local producer Jane Dryden at Home Farm Wensleydales and seaweed gathered from Harlech Beach on her 70th birthday, J has created xxxx experimental woven bowls that celebrate the strange beauty of sea urchins. Three bowls dyed with madder roots, seaweed and made from the fleece of North Ronaldsay sheep that live on seaweed, complete the series.

Happy Hubby
November 20
Hi Jayne,

This is Y's husband. Firstly you have made her day with the delivery of her wool. Quality is superb and she can’t wait to get started with it. I think there will be more orders on the way she’s already back on the website.

I would like to add that we were very impressed with your website and the whole history and background of the wool and your farm. Crafting has been a great way to get through the current climate for Y and it looks like there is plenty more to come so she will have to keep busy.

Thanks again for the supply and hopefully Y will be shopping again soon. The delivery time and the actual packaging was very impressive. Wishing you all the best for the future.


Miss M
November 20

Thank you so much Jayne 😊 I will be back to your gorgeous shop to fulfil my woolly desires 😍
Take care till then xx
Miss J
October 20
I have just received my first order from you and I’m absolutely thrilled with the quality. I ordered some last week from a different source and the only thing they it is good for is stuffing!!

I will pass your details to rest of my craft class as we are doing needle felting next term.

Thank you once again

Miss T
October 20

Hello  Jayne ,  
Thank you for the delivery of lamb locks! I appreciated the quality, everything is great! I will definitely come back for another purchase!

Miss M
October 20

Hi Jayne,
That's a lovely email, thank you. 
To be honest I think you have a lifelong customer in me now! Your ethics, wool (and packaging!) are all just brilliant and match the values I am aiming for in my own tiny felt making business!

Miss S 
October 20

The scarf and mitt kit ordered via via Etsy arrived today and it’s gorgeous!  I am also a spinner so will look at ordering some of your tops in the fsuture. Thanks so much 
Miss C
October 20
The wool arrived today, thank you so much, it's beautiful. It's really difficult to get slaughter free yarn, which is what set me off spinning, but even then the fleece is not easy to find, so I am really pleased I found you. Thank you also for the extra wool. It's very kind of you.
Ideally, I'd like yarn where any offspring aren't sold on as while the slaughter free sheep are safe, it's difficult to know if the lambs are safe too. But I know this might not be economically possible.
Miss D
August 20
Your beautiful yarn arrived today! Thank you for everythi
Pins & Needles, Devizes
January 2019


This hat is exquisite but we would expect that, as it's made with Home Farm Wensleydales DK and knitted by expert needlewoman Linda 😃

This pure wool, grown by a slaughter-free flock in the Cotswolds, came out top in a recent review of natural yarns. There are five colours to choose from, Linda used the blue and cream; she also used a pompom maker for the bobble - these gadgets are so much quicker and easier than two bits of card and it makes such a ni ely shaped, fulsome bobble 😊

Lovely, lovely work 😊

PS: Linda's going to let us know who the pattern is by.

 UK Knitting Magazine - 'Knit Now' December 2018




AV - UK 9/11/18


That’s great, thank you.  I turned your dark brown locks into Christmas elves and will be showing a group how to make some Santa’s with the white locks.

GA - UK 5/11/18

Love them!



SS - UK - 3/11/18 


The slippers are complete and I’m so pleased 😁 with them, they are for my husband who always has cold feet 👣 last night he wore them for the first time and commented how warm and cosy his feet were, I told him never to take them off.
We are hoping to go to Countryfile live 🌿 again next year for the third time as we think it is an amazing show, so hopefully we may see you again and buy an other amazing product.

JO - UK 3/11/18


Hi I bought some of your rare black and the lacy glove pattern at Kendal on Saturday. I wondered if you have any more as I’d love to have some more

IL - UK - 26/10/18

Made from your lovely hand dyed 4-ply yarn



MF - USA Autumn 2018







Fabulous photos from Mitchell Feinberg appearing in 'Elle' Magazine, New York . Advertising beautiful Chanel Accessories - our Wensleydale fleece and our Black Bluefaced Leicester Fleece!

M -MM - UK -28/9/18


Hi, I’ve just finished my Cotswold Rib hat (bought at Kirstys Hampton Court recently) in tour W and BfL, so i thought id send you a picLovely wool, lovely shade of pink and it will very warm this winter


ML - Netherlands 22/9/18

I've finished the scarf and it is gorgeous!!

As promised I send you a photo of the finished object.

PM  - Autumn 2018

I'm making lots of different animal key-rings for the WWF online shop. They'll be going in their Christmas stock in early October.

Using Pure Wensleydale Tops ...

post note ... sold out mid November!!

AF - USA 4/9/18 

Jayne I received the fleece today and I have to tell you I have bought hundreds and hundreds of raw Teeswater and Wensleydale and this is hands down the best I have ever received ! just stunning ! thank you so much for the care you take with your animals and their precious fleece !

AW - Canada 20/7/18


We cannot thank you enough for the time and passion that you shared with us yesterday! You and your sheep were truly a delight! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I cannot wait to knit with your yarn!! We will be sure to send you the pictures we took and of what we create! 

Cheers! And keep those counsel guys on their toes!  


The B Family - USA 15/8/18


Thank you both so much for letting us visit your wonderful farm today. We all enjoyed the natural beauty and learning about your business, both the sheep themselves and the wool. We appreciate so much the time you so kindly spent with us & will remember it always!

Thank you

OE - UK 6/12/17 


Experimenting with texture...Using the best of British Blue Faced Leicester from Home Farm Wensleydales to achieve the effect of boucle. Hat is dyed when ready. 
I think I got the technique now! 

MC - USA 20/1/17


I'm so thrilled my Christmas is here! Lovely black wensleydale locks from Jayne Dryden. Thank you so much! Some girls like jewels to me the beauty is in the locks! The wheel of karma is turning!🌞❤

SS-HR - Australia 13/3/17



Home Farm Wensleydales Jayne Dryden imagine my delight to see your wool mentioned in Essential Knits mag (I bought today UK mags are slow to get to us...) SQUEEE !!! I like the pattern but would do just one colour but awesome😍 Jayne !!!

LF - UK 22/12/17

Hi -  I bought your Big Wool and 4ply at Yarndale with plans to make a sheep cushion. I thought you might like to see the finished result.

AP - UK 27/12/17


Christmas project done! Haven’t knitted since I was about 8! It may be the same length of time before I try again 😂😂 Wool is of course Wensleydale (and bfl) from Jayne!

LT - UK 20/4/17 


My wonderful Big Wool from Home Farm Wensleydales has arrived! Thank you Jayne Dryden. Project rug is on! Soon we will have a beautiful home made shaggy rug

B B - UK 1/1/17

Beautiful hat made for my Granddaughter from your stall at Knit and Stitch thank you didn't think I could do it I'm so pleased x



HM - UK- 13/1/17 

Delighted to say my throw is complete, just in time for the cold snap!! Never done anything so colourful but I think it works! Thanks to Jayne Dryden for her Wensleydale wool!