Oct - Dec 2017

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October - saw our first Herdwicks arrive at Home Farm.  Only 3, but they are trouble enough!  Quiet but can escape from anywhere!  My kitchen door was open - I found them in my lounge!

December at Home Farm and all the pregnant ewes are in for scanning.  Nervous as always as we do not use a raddle (paint) on our rams - it makes a bit of a mess of their lovely fleece! 

 Delighted with our scanning results of nearly 200%.  However, 28 are triplets and 2 are quads!!  Another investment needed at Home Farm – our very own monster milk machine.

Above - one of our three Herdwicks

My lounge!!


Pregnant ewes - red head = triplets, green head = twins, blue head = single

Scanning - single lamb

Following our great success with the hand dyed Aran, 4 ply, DK and Big Wool - my sister has been keeping herself busy over the holidays ...


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