End of August 2018

Posted by Jayne Dryden on

2/3rds of this year has already passed and I can't believe it!  We seem to have moved from lambing, to shearing, to hay making and woolly shows so quickly!

Its been such bizarre weather for us here in the UK, and our farm has suffered for the lack of grass but we couldn't let our livestock suffer, so - of course - we have been buying food for them!  I didn't want to use the hay and haylage that we have stored for winter. 

This photo shows the extreme temperature and the lack of grass for my sheep. 


I understand today is the first day of Autumn - and so I guess our grass won't recover this year but we shall make the most of whatever happens now.

 .. But despite this dry and hot summer - our lambs are fabulous!  We sheared last week and their fleeces are beautiful.  Some I will have spun into lambswool and some I will sell for spinning and crafts.  The black is such a deep lustrous colour.

Our Kelpie Stan had his second birthday and now we feel it is a good time to push him a little harder on the farm and start work.  He's fit, intelligent and a good instinct - I am sure he will do well as our farm dog even though Wensleydales will only move for a dog if they are in the mood to!

Planning tupping groups for the end of September is our next important job.  Being so very rare, it is important that we get our bloodlines varied as well as making sure we continue to breed good healthy stock.  And talking of tupping - we have had two of our Lincoln Longwool ram lambs castrated so that they now have a lifelong job here as teasers (used to bring the ewes into season - before the real guys get to work).   

And the rest of the year now for me will be many wool shows around the UK.  Our 'Shows' page lists where we are and if you are nearby then it would be great to say Hi.  Do come along and see us.



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