Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester

British Wool: Yarn and Fleece
Direct from our high welfare yarn farm

Knit it... Wear it... Love it



Wool remains one of the most luxurious textiles for both clothing and accessories, and its relative decline over the past few decades has only made it more valuable. 

Wensleydale wool is so special because of its quality and comfort, it provides a unique experience that most have fallen out of touch with in recent times.

Home Farm plans to lead the resurgence of Wensleydale wool in the clothing and craft industry, selling both garments, fleece and wool from our slaughter free flock.


 about us

Home Farm is a remote farm in the Cotswolds area, specialising in Wensleydale wool

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our wool

Our wool is of a superior quality and provides unrivalled comfort 

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