March 2016 - we have started lambing!

Spring Lambing


It's our favourite time of the year here on Home Farm - lambing!


Having been very successful in lambing some brilliant Bluefaced Leicesters throughout February and March, we are now in waiting for the next 39 Wensleydale lambs to join us in the coming weeks! 


Those of you who have liked our Facedbook page will no doubt have seen some of difficulties faced this year, particularly our emergency caesarian section. Unbelievably, we are pleased to report that even after all the trauma involved, the ewe accepted her ewe and ram lambs! She is a wonderful ewe with a lovely nature, and has secured herself a lifelong place on our farm, although we won't allow her to lamb again for her own safety.


It was a sad mothering Sunday this year, with two of our lambs being stillborn. However, the ewe will not be without lambs as she has happily accepted a triplet from another without any coaxing or fooling.


Last Monday marked the first venture out into the fields for most of our lambs. We still bring them back for bed every night though! The nursery has also returned this year outside the kitchen, where triplets and other smaller lambs are on full time supervision, and fed extra to help them catch up.


On behalf of Home Farm Wensleydales I wish you all a very happy Easter!