We take great pride in the health and husbandry of our sheep from our new born lambs to our old girls and wethers some who are coming up to 11 years old this year!

Our lambs are fed premium food for the first year of their lives and then from 12 months onwards our aim is to pasture feed through spring to autumn and in winter our own haylage and hay, grown here on our farm,  which is continually monitored and tested for nutritional benefits.

Our pasture is also carefully monitored to ensure the best grasses are grown for the nutritional strength and health of our sheep.  The pasture is very old ridge and furrow and whilst this is wonderful for the climate that we are currently experiencing in the UK, some of the older grasses do need to be improved for the welfare of the sheep.

Consistent nutrition through the year gives the highest quality fleece without any wool-break.  

We are delighted to be able to offer our premium fleece for sale to hand spinners, felters and craftspeople.  Our feedback has been amazing and we will continue to strive to offer the best we are able to produce for you.



Shades of grey - Wensleydale

Coloured Wensleydale

Bluefaced Leicester

Coloured Bluefaced Leicester

Shearling Wensleydale

Work in progress!


And more work in progress!!


2nd shear Wensleydale


Washed and ready to use

And something very special ... Wensleydale x Bluefaced Leicester  

And something very special ... Wensleydale x Bluefaced Leicester


Beautiful locks from the Wensleydale x Bluefaced Leicester


Sorting fleece :)